What is Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells. Normal plasma cells are found in the bone marrow and are an important part of the immune system.

The immune system is made up of several types of cells that work together to fight infections and other diseases. Lymphocytes (lymph cells) are the main cell type of the immune system. The major types of lymphocytes are T cells and B cells.

What we’ve already accomplished

Since the founding of the Multiple Myeloma Charity Classic in 2009, we have raised over a million dollars for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). In that time the MMRF has:

  • Developed 5 new treatments which have effectively extended patient’s lives.
  • Accelerated review of 3 additional treatments expected to be approved next year.
  • Mapped the myeloma genome leading to discovery of 10 sub-types.
  • Established a multi-center tissue bank and researcher gateway for open access to data and optimized treatments.
  • Created a clinical network to speed new therapies to trial.


The Multiple Myeloma Charity Classic (MMCC), a golf and tennis tournament and Capitol Hill reception will take place with the sole purpose of raising awareness and the much needed funding for research in the fight against a currently incurable form of cancer, Multiple Myeloma.  Multiple Myeloma is the second most common blood cancer.  The proceeds made from this event will directly benefit the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).

We chose the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) as the beneficiary of our fundraiser because it has consistently earned the highest charity rankings by using 90% of all funds directly for multiple myeloma research and programming. Over the last seven years, our funding has helped the MMRF:

  • Double multiple myeloma patient survival;
  • Create the collaborative Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC) of 21 world-renowned institutions;
  • Launch 50 groundbreaking clinical trials; and
  • Gain 7 new drug approvals by the FDA.